Upcycled essentials.

Mountain Bike Kerala is one of the world’s leaders in adventure singletrack riding. Founder Mike McLean has spent over 20 years searching for the perfect trail all the way from the Himalaya to the tropical south of India. Greenfrogindia was born out of that same search for adventure to make great cycle products out of what would otherwise end up as waste.

All our Greenfrogindia products are made in India. We are a team of Lancastrians and Indians who have a lot in common when in comes to not throwing things away, so you can be sure the tubes we use have been punctured beyond repair before we use them in our products. The non-tube parts of the products are made from reclaimed material and off-cuts. The zips, velcro and thread we have to buy new, but whatever we can recycle and reclaim we use.

Our products are designed by Greenfrogindia and cut and stitched together with the help of our team of  tailor-masters lead by Mushtaq (aka Mushy) here in Delhi with help, guidance, assistance and ample supplies of super-tasty-Punjabi-food from Tajendra Chaddha.

All other Greenfrogindia products on this site are made in India from technical fabrics designed to do the job. So our range of MTB shirts, head gear and t-shirts have been used and tested in the Himalaya and in the tropics on enthusiasts and pro-riders alike who have come back to us and said they love them.