About Us


 Greenfrogindia was spawned in 1996 from a chance meeting with a green frog in the jungles of Kerala, south India. Our adventures and experiences since meeting that green frog have been the inspiration to make travel in India as exciting and as unforgettable as it has been for us and to share what we have discovered on our journeys. From remote trails in the Himalaya to the palm fringed beaches of the south; and everything in between; our knowledge and experience of both the best places to stay and the best ways to experience everything that India has to offer is unrivalled.

Our travels and experiences have revealed more than just great places to visit. We fell in love with the cycle markets of Delhi which helped us create  our recycled inner tube products. We have met designers, artisans, farmers and a host of others who have been the inspiration behind all the designs and products in our shop from hand woven fashion wear to our collection of scarves and stoles. 

 Meet The Team

The Green Frog

The Euphlyctis hexadactylus or the Indian Green Frog is the only vegetarian frog on the planet and along with other frogs they are an important indicator not just of climate change, but also pollutants in the environment. An abundance of happy green frogs is what we aspire to so join us.

Michael McLean

Mike McLean has over 2o years of Indian experiences to inspire others with. Many of those years have been spent exploring the remote corners of India on cycles and  he is the boss at Mountain Bike Kerala one of travel partners. He has pioneered trails all over India and the Himalaya for almost two decades now. He knows  almost every trail, guest house and restaurant worth knowing in the subcontinent. 


Khila was born and brought up in a remote Himalayan village and started her trekking dream with short hikes in the forests with her father at a young age. Her natural curiosity has led her into sailing, mountaineering and an endless enthusiasm for travel. She is director at New Horizon Adventures and has inspired 1000’s of kids to enjoy the outdoors.